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The morning dews seem to consume me

I know not what the day holds in store

But I’m quite hopeful

Though all seems hazy to me

I’m looking forward to see

Starting something new definitely feel like fear itself

But with a glimmer of hope

One can transcend beyond these walls of barrier

Beyond this wall that I know not what lies beyond

I love looking at little children

Because they’re always so hopeful

Hopeful for tomorrow;

Hopeful that all would always go well

The morning sun sometimes encourages one

It places the whole world at your feet

All you need do is to breathe in that beautiful day

And your life will be filled with beatitude

When you are surrounded by crowds

How do you feel?

You feel scared that you’re not the only one struggling

But you forget you can’t work the same path with all of them

There’s a special path meant for you

Keep to it and do not lose it

Do not get lost in the crowd

Then you’ll find a shining light at the end of the tunnel

Don’t do something because everybody does it

Dare to be different, I promise you it pays

Follow your heart and you’ll never miss a beat!

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