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7 life skills campus will teach you best

An old swahili man who was purpotedly wise once said Asiye funzwa na mamaye, hufunzwa na ulimwengu (he who isn’t taught by his mother shall be taught by the world) He lied. Because for me it seems to be atakufunza mama yako lakini kunayo utakayo funzwa na ulimwengu (your mother shall teach you yes, but there are things that it’s upon the world to teach you) I don’t think a mother could teach me this, I had to be put through four years of torture to go through the struggles of a comrade ( click here to read article) www.nircle.com/cdr/post/2147-struggles-of-a-campus-kid  to learn it. Not like am any good at it either but at least I know I should be. Remember this is a blog, am not telling you what to do am just acting like am not telling you what to do.

Here is a list of life skills you should learn by the time you finish campus. You can learn them whichever way but it remains that they are hard lessons to be learned the hard way -:
The dating game
To start with, sorry I called it a game, but truth is in campus, it’s really like a game. Your four years should have taught you how to approach a woman, how to treat your date, how to express yourself, how to apologize when wrong, when to prioritize your date, when not to and so on... This particular lesson might come with a series of drama, heartbreaks, break-ups, being in the friend zone, dating the wrong person and so on but am starting to think it’s worth it.
Financial management 
Am hoping those four years of broke-ness have taught you financial consciousness and the ability to choose between what you need and what you want. You should leave campus knowing where to obtain your stuff cheaply, how to bargain, how to scrimp and save and most importantly how to get your priorities right when budgeting
Work life balance
I don’t expect you have surpassed your years of campus by studying every day from early mornings to late nights. Join a club, Make some friends, go out once in a while, blend in. come out an all-round person, skilled, well educated, well socialized, adaptable not an educated fool. 
You should learn how to switch gears at the drop of a hat. One moment you are the ‘business you’ the next you are the ‘social you’ and the next you are someone’s mother and strike a good balance between them. Campus should have taught you how to be in your best behavior in different settings be it official, casual or whatever. Know what is needed where. Put on that suit and nail that interview but don’t come with it to my place on a Saturday evening to play poker.
Appreciating others
If what you had for campus was private lessons on the moon let me take time to remind you that universities on earth have tens of thousands of students and I don’t think they are all big fans of whatever alien music you were listening to while up there. For anybody who has been to campus, discriminating people on basis of their personal preferences, race, tribe, political alienation, religion, the language they speak  or stigmatizing people for whatever reason physical or illness should be out of question. You should have learnt to appreciate opinions, traditions, believes cultures, practices and other aspects of a person’s life  that are totally opposed to yours and still treat the person in question as an equal. 
If campus life should have taught anything is self-motivation. Attending boring classes, writing boring papers and reading through hundreds of pages of notes was just a preparation for a boring 8 to 5 job attending boring meetings and writing reports, paying bills and raising those little nuisances you call kids. Nobody finds fun in all that.
So not doing something you have to do because you don’t want to do it should no longer be an excuse.

Taking care of yourself
Reckless driving, exposing yourself to crime, not controlling your "whore-mones", drowning yourself in alcohol or whatever it is you wanna do? Nobody seems to really care anymore. The best we can do is a text message or a phone call and last time I checked those don’t treat AIDS, liver cirrhosis or repair broken bones but they make really good condolence notes
Being yourself
Last but not least is being your own person. You are an adult now, You know what you want, you know what you want to do, you know where you want to go and by now you should know what sacrifices to make. Stop doing things you don’t want to do  to impress others or because they are the  new drill in town, you had all your teenage years to do that.

This should come with alot of knowing yourself, knowing what you are good at and what you are not. Knowing what you actually like and what you thought you liked. Know your spot. Know when to act yourself and when to ask for help.                                               

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