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by on Jun 13, 2017 - 2 min read
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What is same difference? It seems to be something many people say for varied reasons that have nothing to do with the actual meaning of the phrase.

I heard it first from a friend, when I was still in high school. She said something (I don’t remember), I corrected her then I heard it first then. I asked her what the hell it meant. She said, “It means just that!” She said. “What?!” “Same difference!!”

On my way home that day, in traffic, I started thinking about it. What is same difference? I came up with 2 solutions. It can either mean that there are 2 different things that are the same or that there are 2 of the same things that are different, neither of which make sense. Nothing can be different yet same. Similar, but not same.

I think same difference is a phrase that people use when they are caught in a lie, when they use incorrect grammar or when they lose an argument.

Someone: My dad got me the new Samsung

Me: That’s a lie! He got you the S5

Someone: Same difference (with side eyes)!


Someone 2: I like Rihanna’s music irregardless of what genre she does.

Me: Its regardless

Someone 2: Same difference (with side eyes).


Someone 3: An X6 is better than a Range Rover

Me: No its not (argues and shows him evidence).

Someone 3: Same difference (with side eyes).


Notice it always (mostly actually) comes with side eyes. This phrase provides an out when you see failure in an argument (which does not have to happen but that’s a whole new story) or when the conversation gets uncomfortable. I’m one who tries to avoid uncomfortable conversations. Even if, God forbid, it means using this phrase, I will give in; whatever it takes. Same difference anyway… lol.

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