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Hi my name is Jay and I'm a feminist(yes it's a thing,no I don't have a flat chest,yes I need good dick in my life)but like in a "a girl is just trying to have an orgasm"kinda way, not a "#banfathersday-men are scum"kinda of way.Picture this you wake up, it's a beautiful day the sun is out.You love sunny days because you have a lot of shorts.You love shorts.You love wearing shorts like a fat kid loves cake.Wearing shorts genuinely makes you happy, plus you have these glorious long legs soooo....So you pick  your ripped denim shorts because....denim and man do you look good.James from next door better be at his balcony.He needs to see how good a girl looks today.



Fast forward three hours later you're ready.Ready for the sun to hit your thighs. You  PKW(phone,keys,wallet...more about this in my next story).One last look in the the mirror and BAM anxiety.Is it too short? Are you showing too much skin? Could this get you raped?What names will they call you this time?Will they strip you naked?Are you provoking them?(lol wearing what you want on your own body is actually considered provoking someone.Ridiculous right?).Long story short (see what I did there?)you don't wear your shorts and that's the real reason you don't wear shorts.Not because you "just don't like short things",but because one minute you're just a nice bubbly girl with a promising future who just really likes shorts.The next minute you're a depressed rape survivor.But why not right? god forbid a girl just likes shorts.Noo how?She obviously wants a filthy looking stranger to force themselves on her.That was definitely on her itinerary that day. 




So yeah imagine living a life where simply picking an outfit could lead to your rape and murder.Crazy right?Imagine your daughter/wife/sister/mother/niece/aunt no actually imagine your husband/father/brother/nephew/uncle taking advantage of or hurting an innocent woman because of her preferences or because she had too much to drink.If the word yes did not come from her mouth then there's no CONSENT. NO  CONSENT means NO sexual activity.No matter what I look like,no matter how much I've drunk, no matter what I'm wearing.



Look guys I'm going to go all sentimental on you now because I guess it's the most effective way.Think about your little girls,your wives,your sisters,your mothers having to be escorted by cops because they wore shorts.Man its crazy out here 2 year olds are being raped and killed by  50 year olds (it's not evil spirits Africa it's called gender based and child violence ooo).Stop raising your boys to objectify girls we are not objects we're just human beings just like you.A different type but you know basically pretty human.Flesh and blood and all.



Also could you just not tell your daughters to cover up all the time I mean it's cool if they want to but if they don't want to it's also fine.Your thighs are nothing to be ashamed of literally everyone has thighs.Its even ridiculous that this is still an issue.You're raising girls with no self esteem who will probably end up staying in abusive relationships because they are too insecure to leave.You raise a girl to be ashamed of her nudity and here's a man who adores her nudity he doesn't think it's disgusting he tells her it's beautiful.Do you think she'll go anywhere?You know what they say about how women love.That man will kill her and she'll swear it was out of love.Its crazy I know. 



How disgusting is it that boys are being taught that hitting a woman is wrong BUT it's OKAY if we PROVOKE them?Or worse hitting a woman is a way of showing love??(him treating you like trash is not a sign of love.NOT.)I've used crazy and ridiculous a lot but really though how else can you explain two sane adults with two kids boy and a girl.Girl is brilliant literally 10 times more brilliant than the boy child.Said sane adults will still give the boy child better opportunities because you know he's the son...the man of the house.The girl's dreams be damned right?Si she'll get married and her husband will take care of her ama?One,that's probably the joke of the century.Two, what if she doesn't want to get married?Plus,I don't know....basic rights as a human being????how bah dah?


You know what?Its going to change.Everything.If there's one thing women are good at it's getting shit done.Let's  be honest we know women really rule the world (Beyonce is never wrong ,can't argue with science)We just need to get rid of this behind the shadows thing.Otherwise queens drink water,mind ya business,eat well,keep fit(both physically and mentally kwanza mentally muhim sana),SUPPORT EACH OTHER,LOVE YOURSELF,get enough sleep,work hard and coconut oil.


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