LGBT is not about inclusion. It's about domination!

by on Jun 21, 2017 - 2 min read
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For quite a while now we have all seen the silent but deadly campaign the LGBT community has been running. It has come to a time that one will have to carefully choose words, expression, opinions and how exactly those are expressed. 

I was a believer in democracy until I realised the true definition of democracy is literarily two out of three travelling companions on a journey agreeing to rape the third. Rape in all sense. Rape 'em of their thoughts, preferences, religious inclination, food choice and the list goes on. Because majority rules?

The LGBT advocates keep talking about inclusion and inclusion and inclusion yet the campaign is all about force-feeding you with their ideology. This is definitely not about inclusion. And NO. It's not ok to compare being gay with being BLACK or ASIAN or whatever race there might be. 

You can very well imagine my horror when as a lead developer going about my simplistic task of pushing the team's code change to the repo and something like this shows up in my terminal. No thanks to   and I would at least appreciate an option to opt-in or otherwise.

It's just plain annoying especially with the so-called equality zealots shoving whatever views and ideology down your throat at whatever cost. I can't remember seeing JESUS the saviour, or standup for the innocent lives been murdered on the street of america and around the world ever represented on bitbucket. 

I am simply saying when does it stop? How about just leaving the plain old tools alone without masking it with whatever you think your opinions might be? That been said, I have always appreciated the services provided by companies such as ATLASSIAN, but this is just plain old wrong.

Leave the tools out of this lifestyle campaign and let me be able to choose what I support or NOT.


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