Can youalter yourcurl pattern?First, you

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Can you alter your curl pattern? 

First, you need to know that your curls are beautiful. God does make everything perfectly, right? So he wouldn't give you what isn't good for you. I can categorically say that this question is what I've gotten the most from natural hair enthusiasts. Honestly, I can't say that I'm surprised because when the media portrays people with natural hair, they have 3c curls that look ohhh sooo angelic and you look at your 4c curls like Bruhh, who did I offend. To answer this question, NO, you can not alter your curl pattern (unless you're considering involving some harmful chemicals, in which case *plix, ham beggin you, dun do eet*.... but get this, the curl pattern you have now, probably isn't even your real curl pattern (Bust my skeero!!.. for the non-Nigerians reading this, it means burst my brain; I don't know how else to explain that). Anyway, you could be sporting a different curl pattern than what you should have... why? MOISTURE. It's as simple or as complicated as that. When hair is dry, it can mess with the curl pattern. I watched my sister go from a 4C to a 4B in 3 months. What she did? MAXIMUM HYDRATION METHOD. Let me tell you though that this thing is no walk in the park AKA issa stressful something. But it gives resuuults, you can immediately tell, as your curls are more defined after and your hair feels so moisturized after. So definitely google it, YouTube it, try it, and you can let me know how great it looks on you in the comment section or via inbox.

Peace, Love and Coconut oil  

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