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by on Jun 8, 2017 - 2 min read
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I keep getting questions and comments about my skin and so many people ask me everyday  what I do or what to use to get their skin look like mine. Well it doesn't happen through a miracle or by chance. You have to work for it! I take these habits seriously! You should too. I mean I am a skincare addict! 

1a CLEANSE: Always make sure to remove makeup and other superficial impurities from the skin. Ordinary soap is harsh to the skin and can offset the balance of the skin.
1b: DEEP CLEANSE: you want to choose a great cleanser either foamy, cream or oil depending on your skin type. This will help further cleanse the hidden dirt and open up the pores. 
2. TONE: After cleansing, use an alcohol free toner to help reset and balance the skin and also help to further remove any residue or dirt that might have been overlooked by the cleanser.

3.MOISTURIZE: Moisturising and nourishing creams are essential, it is a great way to keep your skin looking resilient. There is a variety of eye care products, serums, special treatments, moisturisers and nourishers specially formulated to address all skin types and conditions.
Bright sunlight and dry weather dehydrates and dries the skin which can cause premature ageing, hyper pigmentation, sensitivity and sun damage. A moisturising treatment is suitable for a dehydrated skin, lacking moisture. A nourishing treatment is richer and is suitable for a dry skin, lacking oil.

4. PROTECT: It is important to protect the skin from dehydration and Sun damage. Always make sure to drink enough water everyday and never go into the sun without a sunscreen with at least a spf 30.

For a weekly habit:
1. EXFOLIATION: Always exfoliate twice a week to help slough off dead cells that has been accumulated over the week, so as to set a fresh stage for your other products.This should be done after toning.

2. MASK:  Facial masks are a luxury! They help to elevate your skin care procedures and also give instant life to your skin. Do this twice weekly and give your skin an overall balance and nourishment.

See, it's that simple, no stress! You have to be religious about this habits!

Luckily @fenix_treat has everything you need to get on these habits and watch your once blemished skin become clear, fresh and flawless. 


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