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by on Jun 8, 2017 - 2 min read
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The breaking of dawn in every new day is a fresh start in the life of humans, seizing this golden opportunity and making the best use of it is our decision to make. Let's take this decision together, I dolapo (this is the part you insert your name) solemnly swear to make myself happy, no matter the cost, through thick or thin, in sickness and in health, so help me God, Amen. 

The most important lesson in learning how to be fabulous is, you have to be happy to pull it off (something I just learnt myself) and still learning if I may add. Happiness is something that comes from within but can be influenced by external forces, now we're going to learn (including me) how to be happy from within without input from external forces, so we can stay fabulous together, no matter the age or social status we are in right now.  We have already taken the first step, which is confessing happiness into our lives, so

2. We need to believe this confession and believe in ourselves(no body/thing can make me sad without my permission) 

3. Find your purpose and set achievable  goals To Help you fulfil it, start now (OK wait till you finish reading ) 

4. Seriously start working towards your goals. Do not procrastinate, you won't get anything done and you'll be miserable 

5. Distance yourself from people who put you down, make you feel bad about yourself or discourage you from being what you know you can be

6. Most importantly believe in yourself, no matter your size,skin colour, height or social status, you're the daughter of a king,and if you don't treat yourself so, no one would .

Till next post my lovelies, where we continue our fabulous journey. 


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