A Tale of Sensual Horseband

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Love and Lust Chronicles

By tolulopetiLztm

Continued from stream of thought…


…But then I thought aloud

How could she, in this sultry state

Be insensitive to my vulnerability

I can’t be damned today I thought, but men fall

For the carnal, for what you can amply fondle


First it was a cuddle, in a humid breeze

Our vessels strayed fractionally, yet the war began

Holy-Sensual war

I wanted to sneak like a predator, and pounce like a pervert

But I am not that filthy, I am not desirous


In split seconds I had thought of many

My third leg was listening, with approval

Swollen with pride and punctured ego

She felt it. Embarrassingly,

Almost hanging between her thighs


She giggled, awaken from her wide imaginations

‘I can’t possibly be the only pervert here’ I thought

My hardworking eyes glued to her tattered bikini

Or was it down to the skinny curves?

But she stayed close still, offering me a benefit of doubt

I was hungrier, angrier. I wanted to eat her literarily

I wanted to see how well my rumpled tongue can thrive in her majora

While I squeeze those preserved fluffy oranges on her chest

And recite the pink notes on her pointed nipples

Such that one will scourge the other


She shouted Noli Mere Tangere {do not touch me}

Because all along, I was groping her without intent

But her stern voice had snapped me

Back from my sacred carnal realm

So I detached hurriedly, this time more desirous


My sanity had slackened with no control

Well I am no clergy, and I am no anointed

I am moral, but isn’t immorality for mankind?

I am just a husband, voyager, deprived of needed breeze

That only her beside you can find


I attempted dabbing her hairy sandy skin

From each curves to her sole.

I stroked her biceps daintily

Lo and beyond, closer and closest to the diaphragm

I had launched an attack, in a war I was victor before it started


She gazed into my soul, via my eyes

I could dance to her loud heartthrob

Breathless in accord with her wet dignifying clits

As she was fondling the nerves on my neck

I kissed her, slow but satisfactorily.


I reached for her tiny bust

But I was quick to slide down to her clean shaven pubic

That smelt like fragrance from the lemon grooves.

Her mouth ajar, exposing a bit of her milk dentition

She moaned with soprano, so angelic


I caressed the swollen clits, and dabbed the flooded vagina gate

It felt absolutely different, youthful unlike my wife’s

Like a found puppy, I licked the goose bumps on her crispy skin

While the hair laid apart obediently, her hands all over me

They grew weary of repelling my emotionally decaying body


The Big question came up, -how old do you think I am?-

I fidgeted - 21 maybe? – I felt she must be older than my daughter

-Really? - Like she was oblivious of her age

The horny me fingered on, I was certainly not in for Enquiries

But my conscience kept pricking, - what if she was underage-?


Stoppp, stopppp… pl…please don’t do this… pleaseeee sir,

I Hate you she said, strong inspirational word

Deep within me I knew she wanted this, she was not naïve

‘Tho she appeared young, but for God sake she could be old

Older than those sexy rangy twins next door

Somehow the sore titties were calling telepathically

So I lured them out of their cages, a finger on one

My coarse tongue on the other, steady and slowly

That was the height of it, I lost my soul

I was far gone in the scenery of mush and lust


She had stretched down for my troubled manhood

Red headed and unevenly puffed-up

Like a candy, foolishly waiting to be sucked dry

She held it so tight, like the only vaccine to her infection

She stroked so peacefully, as her lordship pleases


I had commandeered my misfortune

I am the captain of this astray ship

The night was falling, and I could tell precisely

What my lovely wife would be doing at home

And my sweet 16 daughter, who likes to face time at 7pm


All these thoughts aroused me the more

I was just a scandalous sensual husband, carefully watching

While she unravels the tiny fluffy breasts

I mal-handled the innocent pair, and robbed them of freshness

I dismissed her panties with joy, and sniffed like a junkie


I kissed her cleavage like a gentle-old-man

Softly, down to the navel, and bit her nipples.

From the cleavage again, down to the pubic

She had a roughly sketched little rose tattoo

Similar to the one my spouse had for her estranged school lover


When I suckled her clits, I wasn’t sure the heaven she was in

It was joy to behold, choking but elating

Her body shivered like a chicken, lost in the rain

And her gap teeth wide opened like the doors of hell

Then the water sprinkled, right at my shameless face


She could read the sad letters behind my charming smile

She pulled to push me down, and made me lie on the sandy cottage

A really cultured lady, cultured with her passionate kisses

For a moment I held my head with both hands

Observing what crawls out of the pregnant situation


She swallowed the balls in anger, and flexed them against the other

I saw life in different verses escaping my body

I grunted, swallowed pride but vomited emotions

Blessed be the day I was born

I was perfectly lost in lust


She became very aggressive, highly unlady-like

My arousal kept pricking my inflated conscience, paused in awe

I made her lean forward, sitting right on my hips

She must have noticed something really off…

“What? Are you…are you married or what?” She asked

“Arhh, yes…no, I mean…no I am not!”

Both of us needed to be convinced I wasn’t married, so

I whispered, “I am not married” with every boldness

Her delicate eyes, unconvinced but unperturbed

But my cliché wife wasn’t happy with the situation

“Brown! Brown! Are you okay? Brown wake up!

Her tone worrisome, but looks repulsive


I opened my eyes unconvincingly as she tapped me

“What woman!? Why must you stand before my peace?”

“I am sorry, you were having a bad dream, I didn’t…”

“…oh please! It’s okay!” I rushed to the rest room

Quick enough to hide her sight from the semen soaked shorts

I made the bathtub my sanctuary all night, soaked

While I wished the dream could be completed.




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