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by on Jun 23, 2017 - 1 min read
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I wil be starting I AM series and why is that? 65% African women have identity issues, 15% have low self esteem ,20% know who they are or what they want to be or claim to know who they are. An average african man will tell you the roles of a woman and what a woman is expected to be which is the CEO of KITCKEN ENTERPRISES  or THE OTHER ROOM. An african woman is expected to keep quiet when able bodied men are talking. The world is surprised when an african woman bags a degree. An african woman is expected to finish her education early and get married quick. An african woman shouldn't be too ambitious else men would be too scared to ask for her hand in marriage. I have come accross so many girls and ask who they are or who they think they really are? Only you can be what you want to be, no culture,country,religion can tell you who you are!! I AM .....to be continued

P.S this is not a post on feminism will talk about men later.

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