Her Days

by on Jun 25, 2017 - 2 min read
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It was morning by the time she arrived. Lots of ladies looked her way with scornful faces. Not many had seen a black girl with silk hair. Eyes like hazelnuts in spring and her smile charming the air with her deep-red lipstick. It was very obvious that she was new to the city and like many. She had began her task into trying the lux lax life of the city. It was all new for her and the experience was breathtaking. As she walked by the store she kept on looking at the diamonds on the tray. Where she came from it was normal to see one. Still for the first time as she saw it on display. She felt moved. Something twirled around her belly. She felt like stealing it. She was never one to want pretty things. Even when girls who left for city life comeback to the village. They always talked about shiny objects that seemed to dazzle the minds of all females. The lavish parties and extravagant dresses. This now seemed to good to be true for her as she stared at the diamond. Would she be in lavish parties and covered in the most exquisite of materials. Love and all the things money can buy. Would she have them. In this big city?

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