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by on Jun 25, 2017 - 1 min read
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All I ever wanted is to be seen, heard, read and remembered. As an author I want my creative thoughts to be appreciated by the world. So I think of a way to gather my readers together to read my works without any intermediary involved.

That's why I created my own social library on facebook called...'authorwritten'.

since I started authorwritten it has been an awesome experience. My readers are not limited by space, time or distance any more. They are from different places of the world and they are connected by my social library and also have access to my books easily.

I will like you reading this to be part of my social library members right now...quickly search authorwritten on Facebook and like the page and you can begin to read chapters of the book we are currently featuring...titled 'The Mistaken Adventure' 

You have never experienced reading like you will when you join authorwritten. Hurry now and join us, thanks.

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