Different Men, Same Name.

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Mildred rolled and tumbled in bed, unable to sleep...her thoughts were occupied. 'How did she get to this point in life where she can't point out a particular man and boldy say she loves him and him alone!', she wondered ' Lord, please send me help'. Really in this situation she need all the help she can get, majorly from above. Her love life ain't messed up but mixed up...deeply in love with two men named Henry. When talking about the two, to her friends she's always forced to answer the question, 'which of the Henry? The dark one or the chubby one?'. To reduce the confusion for her friends she came up with side names for them: Dark Henry and Chubby Henry. Phewww, now that's much better!

    The story of how she got mixed up with 'Henrys' is indeed a long one...Mildred met Chubby Henry first in a night club when she was still in the tertiary institution. 'Why are you two not dancing?', a masculine voice asked, taking her head up from her phone she saw the cutest face a guy could ever have...theirs eyes locked for about a minutes before she found her tongue, 'my friend doesnt know how to dance', she lied 'and since I got no dance partner, it wont be cool dancing alone'. Mildred noticed her friend's mouth flung open in astonishment. 'Your lucky night, my lady', as he offered to take her hands, 'the name is Mildred...', she pointed out calmly to the 'saviour' of the night but felt bad she had to turn the tables against her friend to be in the arms of this cute pie. Anyways apologies for later, her focus was on how to eat the 'pie' wrapped around her...not so fast Catwoman! This man was a very intelligent fellow, with a cute round face and chubby cheek. His height and arms were the safest place a girl could find refuge. She silently prayed the night never end. 'I love your eyes, sparkles like the stars. I have a confession though, they were one of the things that attracted me to you aside your pretty face. Am Henry by the way', he complemented with an everlasting smile. She felt goosebumps all over her body...could this be IT! She gets complements quite alright from men daily but not upfront like this particular one...others acknowledge theirs from a distance. What courage?! 'I like...maybe love him already', she thought.

   And the journey of her love life with Chubby Henry began...they were like a little boy with his new Christmas present...always seen together. As time went on she was no longer an occupant in her own room but visited once in a while. 'Its either you've taken an overdose of love or he gave you himself', her friends would make fun of her, 'Imagine staying a day without his kisses? Anyways don't imagine not like you girlies will understand. The level of my love for him can't be reset', she would reply. If an award would be given at that time for best couple...it would definitely go to them even if the presenter of the award is blind.

   The second phase of her love life which became mixed up started in her final year, by this time Chubby Henry has graduated from school but they still found time to visit each other. Her department went for an excursion in one of the popular tourist sight in the state...other tertiary institutions were seen there too. That's to say there was plenty of mingling to do. Mildred wasn't exempted, not like after admiring the tourist sight and taking pictures with friends she won't like to meet new faces...Hell No! When she got extroverts as BFF! The camp fire night brought her close to the new found 'love', he had been smiling and winking at her ever since she gave the Tour guide an overwhelming answer. 'Hey, is this seat taken?', she heard someone ask, 'uhmmm, No!', Anna answered and shot her friend a naughty look. "Am Henry...", he introduced himself after sitting down, Mildred shot her friend a look that says "what's up with me and men named Henry...phewww" and the girls starting laughing leaving our 'new' Henry in wonder. "Am Mildred and I noticed you've been staring ever since". "My bad! I sincerely apologize. It wasn't intentional and your beautiful face left me no choice", he apologized smiling, it was at this point that she noticed how handsome he was, as he flashed those white teeth of his and his eyes were 'innocently beautiful'. Whoah! black is truly beautiful!

    So, Dark Henry and Mildred got talking like they've known each other since childhood, exchanged numbers and enjoyed the camp night more than everybody. Back in school, she called Chubby Henry to check on him as if someone had reported her matter to him concerning the excursion... that's guilty conscience at work! Her first Henry announced he was to come visit her soon and that made her day, she smiled althrough not minding the sunny weather.

   Unfortunately, there was a 'clash of the Henrys' that weekend. Chubby Henry arrived first and they both made up for lost times, talking about things that stamped smiles on their faces, "I love you so much, Henry", she found herself professing; he smiled and kissed her on her forehead. Something is wrong with her cutie pie...usually he was the first to always say how much he loved her, " is everything okay?', she asked looking straight into his eyes. "You didn't say it like you mean it anymore, said it with distractions. Is there someone else because I ain't close like I used to be?", he asked and immediately there was a knock on her door. Standing in front of the door was Dark Henry smiling, if I must say sheepishly this time around. 'Hello...I know you're surprised. Anna gave me your address since you weren't picking my calls. Won't you let me in?'. Now she has two unanswered questions, 'Come in', she heard Chubby Henry say and almost peed on her self. They exchanged pleasantries when he entered, 'you must be her brother...you two look alike', second Henry pointed out and laughed in an uncomfortable manner before sitting in a reading chair. 'Naah, am not her brother...so what's the name?', she had prayed he never asked that question...'Am Henry...you?', 'Same!'. Seriously?, that was the expression on their faces and bursted out laughing. 'What's funny?', Mildred, who was still standing beside the door asked, she didn't see this coming. Nothing! They answered. When Dark Henry left without accomplishing his mission for visiting; Chubby Henry turned towards her with the face that says, "so, is he the new man in your life?" and all she could do was shake her head, the whole thing got her weak.

   As time passed, she found herself comparing the two handsome men; she couldn't place her hand on who she loves more...logically it should be the first Henry because she's been with him longer before the Dark one and the latter doesn't have the tripping heights of Chubby Henry, but is it about the heights?? Jezzz, she has never been this confused in her life before. Dark Henry makes her laugh even when she doesn't want to but is shy to say how he feels face to face only has the balls to do so on online or through text messages. Could it be that distance is making her turn her attention to Dark Henry, but she talks with Chubby Henry everyday, lately he seems not to be the fresh honey she once knew or perhaps she is just in love with the name HENRY!


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