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nmmm....e just dey inch me make i talk this matter.So i go talk am. I know say many of una go don experience am too. I dey inside bus jeje ooo, wen driver start to collect money from the passengers. DRIVER: " e remain one person for back oo"PASSENGER:" e don complet oo, because one police man dey here oo".DRIVER:" I no carry police ooo, make him give me my money ooo,.Me and police no bi friend. N a who police epp...."ah.. no bi small para oo. . ., and another thing be say the police no wear uniform, na wen him dion dey inside the bus him wear the police cap. As i dey inside the bus i come dey reason so many things. shay e really dey right to enter public bus and no pay all in the name of say you bi police, army etc.For me oo, e no suppose bi so.BUT MY PEOPLE WETIN UNA THINK?

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