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Yaaaaay! I am excited this afternoon for so many reasons, one of which is 'I made the nircle Top Bloggers for July 2017! Thanks to all who have been reading and engaging this page. And yes another exciting thing is FÈNIX Treat's website that is launching soon! So start getting ready to shop all your skin needs. You can follow @fenix_treat on Instagram to stay on the loop. 


So let's get to today's gist! Last weeks I had a very severe breakout, at my usual breakout spot (my chin) I literarily woke up to an inflamed and irritated skin. The whole area of my chin was covered with tiny, pesky-like  rashes, the areas of my nose red, my facial skin was bumpy and it felt like sandpaper.  I was confused and so frustrated, I looked hideous and funny enough I had bought a ticket the previous day to go see a movie and to hangout with friends, you could imagine the disappointment and the anger. But then, thank God for all this products we formulate. They were my saving grace. 

Of course before I could started treatment, I had to identify the course and also know how it happened. So hurriedly I ran to my organic skincare research materials and started to read and then it dawn on me than I had over exfoliated my skin and it was now injured and irritated. I felt more confused, like how could i have over exfoliated, I haven't been doing too much of scrubbing or peeling to cause over exfoliation. Then to be really satisfied I decided to read more and then boom, the answer came to me. I had used a washcloth the night before, my own wash clothes were exhausted so I asked my sister to give me one from hers. I realized only after reading the pack of her own wash cloth that they were too harsh for my sensitive skin. Then to worsen everything I had tested out one of our new products with cinnamon, although we formulated with so little quantity of cinnamon (pinch) but my own kind of sensitive skin doesn't even want cinnamon at all!


All of us one way or the other has been guilty of over exfoliating our skin. And the reason could be as little as a pinch of cinnamon like in my case or mal-handling of the skin. Which ever, you can still heal your over exfoliated skin. Let's go through this important steps I took to ensure the healing process is quick and successful.

1. Immediately stop using whatever is over exfoliating your skin. 

Thats pretty obvious yeah? If you are using a clarisoniv brush, masks, scrubs or whatever and you think is over exfoliating your skin, drop them immediately. I had to shop every product I use even soaps to allow my skin heal itself. 

2. Do not Exfoliate until your skin is completely healed.

3. Don’t use muslin cloths, washcloths or anything that is remotely exfoliating. I find  that a soft cotton pad is the gentlest thing on my skin when it’s feeling sensitive. Wash your face with cool water and tone with a bit of pure rose water If you find that even the cotton pad is too abrasive on your raw skin, simply get a spray bottle and spray it on throughout the day. Rosewater is so soothing, moisturizing, and healing. It’s a perfect gentle cleanser while your skin is healing.

4. Beware of hidden exfoliation.  

The Oil Cleansing Method also counts as exfoliation, so stay away. Even a gentle massage can be too much for over-exfoliated skin. It really doesn’t need any more stimulation. I know you’re desperate to fix your skin, but just let it rest for now.

5. Even simple things like honey aren’t welcome during this delicate time. Some say oatmeal mask is healing, but it’s still slightly exfoliating when you apply it and wash it off, so in my book it’s a no no.

6.  Sheabutter  is the most healing oil I have ever seen. it will heal even the driest, scaliest skin, and it will definitely help speed up the healing process. Remember that well-nourished skin will heal without leaving scars, so make sure you feed it well. 

7. If you’re worried about too much oil clogging your pores, take your favourite oil (mine is jojoba oil) and apply a generous amount on your damp face. Five minutes later, blot off any excess or wipe it off very gently with a soft tissue. Your skin will have taken whatever it needs, but there won’t be excess oil on the surface to cause you trouble.

8. Use Aloe Vera gel as a moisturizer. I used FÈNIX treat 'clear face cream' made from Aloevera juice.

9. Your delicate new skin is bare and it isn’t ready to face the world yet, so hide it until it heals. I wouldn’t recommend slathering chemical sunscreens either. Even a mineral based sunscreen might be too much. Just wear a wide hat and try to stay indoors or in the shade during sunny hours as much as you can. 


Skin cells regenerate roughly every 28 days, so you should definitely see lots of progress by then if you follow all of the above rules. However, it might take as little as 3-4 days for your skin to start feeling comfortable again. It all depends on how badly you over-exfoliated, how healthy your skin was in the first place, and of course how well you’re nourishing it from within.

Once you start seeing the first results, don’t hurry back to exfoliating. Don’t scrub or apply exfoliating masks for at least 30 days. Let your skin rebuild itself completely. Remember that the brand new skin cells will still be fragile and won’t be ready for harsh treatments.

Once your skin heals completely, treat it with respect. It will repay you back by feeling soft and supple, and of course by looking gorgeous!. 

You also need to be aware of changes in your skin when you use a particular products or kitchen ingredients. Always do a patch test. 

I hope this was helpful.

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