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I felt like having a rant. The title might be a bit misleading as I don't know what people would think when first seeing it, but I feel it relates to what I'm going to talk about!

I love the internet and social media, it's such an amazing place which provides so much opportunity for people - especially small business owners.

There are so many online stores which exist just on Instagram, no website or all those extra stuff (probably coming later on).

I like this, but then there are some repeated occurrences which annoy me to no end. Keep in mind that when I say online store, I don't mean stores like the really popular ones. I'm talking the smaller yet upcoming ones which may not necessarily be an 'official' brand, but a side hustle for the owners.

Eh hen, you know It's not good to complain about problems without offering solutions. That is why yours truly has proffered sensible solutions at the end of each point. Thank me later lol.

Here are three most prominent ones!

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