What if?

by on Jul 1, 2017 - 1 min read
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What if is one of the scariest questions I never hope to face.

What if I took that job offer?

What if I never left?

What if we dated?

What if they stayed?

Don't get me wrong. These questions do sometimes have great answers:

What if I didn't wake up today? Great opportunities would have passed by.

What if I stayed? I could have never grown as a person.

What if I loved them? I'd never be with the person who makes me happy now.

Above, is not the 'what if?' I fear. The one I fear is the one with a tough decision, where you'll never know what the outcome would have been; could have been either good, or bad.

Take the chance.

Better have known the outcome of a choice than to wonder your whole life guessing. Experience is the best teacher.

Being scared of 'what if?' can lead to great experiences you would have never thought of taking, but, it can also lead to bad ones you can end up regretting. 

At some point, the question is no longer 'What if?', instead, it becomes, 'Am I bold enough?'.

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