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So I found this picture somewhere on the internet and I couldn't hold back all the thoughts it provoked in me. There is actually so much importance in helping your child grow self confidence! Shower her with lovely remarks, in still in her, and let it always be in her subconscious that she is beautiful no matter the skin tone! It is really heartbreaking, and according to research, 99.8% of dark skinned individuals who bleach their skin, do so out of lack of self confidence, and the believe that they can only be beautiful with a light skin! Come on now! don’t be myopic. Beauty is not in the colour of your skin, but in you! If you never thought you are beautiful as a dark skinned person,light skin wont make any difference.


The other percentage however use bleaching products because that is what they get. Brings me to something else I found really alarming, our cosmetics vendors are not making it any easy for dark skinned individual to stay dark skinned. I was surfing the internet some forth night ago looking to enhance my formulation skills and take an on-line master class in cosmetics formulation, but guess what the whole page was filled with all sorts of whitening products. Even in Nigeria my country, every time you go on Instagram or look to purchase even organic products, all you see is whitening this, half caste this, Arabian that, come on, we know you need to use strategies to make sales and use what people want most. But the truth is that is not what we want. You just keep pushing those things in our faces making it look like without them we cannott be beautiful! You go into cosmetic stores, but you will never find anything for a dark skin lined up, they are either at the back on the shelf or even in the store, but not displayed. And even if you end up finding something that could work for your dark skin, when you start using it, you realize its not what you expected.


Lightening products should be for people who are naturally light skinned as an enhancement and to maintain their skin tone. And the most painful thing is, in Nigeria, most of them actually mix up things they don’t even know the real story behind, mix A,B,C and D together and there you go whitening cream is ready, you are trying to look more beautiful because you think God made a mistake giving you that skin tone? But you end up hurting yourself in the long run. I just find it shallow that so many people don’t know what their dark skin is doing for them. You have that Melanin for a reason and its a powerful shield. You are not the defective one. Your skin has so much energy. All you have to do is just make it POP!


I started FENIX TREAT as a beauty brand that caters for all the skin type and colour. But whenever I formulate a product for the dark skin, there is this kind of Joy and emotion that I feel and I think those feelings actually burst out in the finished products. At a time the lab attendant that usually gives me my product test results said to me one day ‘I noticed that each time we check a sample of your products that doesn't contain lightening agents, they are always accurate, no mistakes not even a slight one, but the ones with lightening agents usually have a tiny percentage over the top’. well you cant blame me, its just subconscious. During my consultation time with dark skinned clients who want lightening products, I ask them questions why they would want a lightening product, but most of their answers leaves me in thinking. Most of them think they would look more beautiful in a light skin. Well I try my best to convince, and I will always win my convictions. LOL (I actually was suppose to be a woman of the law, but well its Nigeria now, its hard to get what you want plus I found a better path). I recommend another of FENIX Treat's products formulated to cater for dark skin to them and tell them I would ask them in 3months if they still want to lighten. But to GOD be the glory, even in less than 3months they are back on their own to say thank you for convincing them and they don't come alone they come with friends. You see, dark skin just need you to be more caring and use good products on them.



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