Sinful Reward (Bread and Butter Pudding with Whiskey Sauce)

by on Sep 12, 2017 - 1 min read
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6:30a.m on a saturday morning and my eyes are open. Nooo I should not be awake till 9a.m! I close my eyes and struggle to sleep till 7a.m but it’s not working. I might as well make myself something indulgent for breakfast (*thinking* maybe a bread pudding)….Hello Cheat day! Usually, I hide alcohol in my wardrobe because my kid brother ‘Bubay’ seems to drink any liquid he sees in a nice bottle. I open it up to search for something to wear and a small bottle of whiskey is staring at me…..Boom! I know what I’m going to make…..warm whiskey sauce over nicely baked bread pudding! As I go down the stairs, I’m imagining how it’s going to melt in my mouth….yes, extra butter will make this even more sinful so not just a bread pudding but a bread and butter pudding. Only such sinful delight can make up for waking up this early on my rest day….

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