Nigeria's growing taste for haute cuisine

by on Nov 2, 2017 - 1 min read
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Article originally appeard on BBC

As more chefs start serving Nigerian food in expensive restaurants, Ijeoma Ndukwe asks if Nigerians will ever consider paying a lot of money for traditional dishes.

Smoke rises from a grill as slabs of beef and liver sizzle at an umbrella covered stall - the traditional dish called "suya" is being prepared to sell at a busy food market in Lagos.

Customers are served throughout the night - music blasts out of speakers while huge metal bowls filled with rice dishes, peppered snails, fish and meats are heated up on a low flame at each stall. 

This night market serves popular traditional Nigerian dishes in a relaxed and informal environment. 

However, the food scene in Lagos is changing and increasingly more sophisticated and cosmopolitan spaces are being introduced to the Nigerian market, offering creative adaptations of local dishes.

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