Nircle is a community to share and find the freshest trends in style, wedding, food, family inspiration from the Nigerian circle. You are encouraged to show respect while participating in discussions in the community and it's important to keep in mind that offensive contents are now allowed. 

Everything posted on Nircle must be an original creation by you or another person. You may share other people's creations to inspire others, however you may not purchase wholesale products and post for resale on Nircle. 


Unwelcome Content

Here are some guidlines to overview of contents that are prohibited on Nircle:



Media Credit

Nircle takes credit for the images used on our community.  All visual content are copyrighted to their respectful owners. Images taken from elsewhere are to be credited to their respective sources/owners. If any user have used a media that is yours and you do not want it mentioned on this site, please email us and it will be removed.

Non-commercial Usage
You may not use the work the media on Nircle for commercial purposes without explicit permission from respective media owners. Commercial purposes includes blogs which derive income from google adsense, textlink ads, paid posts and affiliate links. 

Rule Enforcement

We may enforce rules in the following ways: